Xochimilco Picnic Tour

La mesa de la Trajinera Come México Ricardo Bonilla De Xochimilco a la Mesa
Duración: 4:30 hours
Lugar de inicio: At the arches of the Vaqueritos pier in Cuemanco, in front of the boat pier. 11:00 am. meet: 10:30
Lugar de termino: Embarcadero de Vaqueritos

Sail with a basket full of amazing Xochimilco delicacies. Discover the technology of chinampas (a type of Mesoamerican agriculture which used small, rectangular areas of fertile arable land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the Valley of Mexico) and the secrets of their crops. Drink a delicious wine while you learn the culinary secrets of the ancient lake cities of Mexico onboard a trajinera (a flat-bottomed boat typical from Xochimilco).

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The ecological zone of Cuemanco in Xochimilco.


Breakfast In the trajinera. Tamales prepared by xochimilcas that are consumed with café de olla, cheeses from cows that graze in the chinampas and flavored water.

Lunch In the trajinera. The menu is based on local seasonal products and Mexican wines.


Canales de la zona ecológica de Cuemanco y Chinampas


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