We open the doors to history and culture with different eyes. <our guides are passionate specialist for Mexico, who will make you enjoy memorable tours.
We exist because we believe that food culture must be accessible and recreational for the mind and spirit through meaningful, unique and personalized culinary experiences.


Share the culinary wealth of Mexico.


Love of Mexico, multiplied generosity, empirical creativity, transformative veracity.
  • Travelers who want to live a different experience
  • Groups with a common culinary interest
  • Companies that seek to enrich their employees in a sensory and creative way.


With food the visit is always tastier. History is a great teacher; it contributes a lot when we know the origin and development of a person, a town or a product. Come, taste and discover culture with different eyes. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a tour where food will be especially memorable.


  • Rich and fun sensory experiences.
  • Different and varied visits.
  • Personalized tours as the groups are of maximum 6 people.
  • Each experience has tastings
We can make custom made tours and we have flexibility on schedules.

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