Spread out the culinary heritage of Mexico from its origins and the changes in history and gastronomic culture today..


Be the main provider of Mexican gastronomic knowledge in five years. Sharing our heritage with gastronomic tours, blogs, articles and audiovisual media.


Foodies looking for MExican Culture.

Tourist will be visit Mexico about his food.


Tours Gastronomicos:

  • Historical Center, Gastronomy and Architecture

Separating Mexico City’s gastronomy from their architecture was impossible for us. During this tour, let the Historical Center wonder you with its flavors and architecture.


  • Taco Tour Condesa

Tacos have evolved through time and Condesa is the neighborhood has testify this changes. Condesa offers different types of tacos and this tour in curated for you to experience them all, having as a background a growing neighborhood with plenty of Mexicans artistry and design.


  • I’m Craving Coyoacán:

During this food tour through Coyoacan you will also experience the evolution of our street food and how  important is this historic “barrio” for our culinary heritage.


  • Coyoacán 360°

Frida's Blue House, the market at Coyoacán and a cooking class.

Feel free to experience the same colors, aromas and flavors that inspired Frida Kahlo's creativity.