At the Soul of Mexican Food

Tortillas Mural Rivera Tlatelolco Palacio Nacional Come México En el Centro del Fogón Ricardo Bonilla
Duración: 3:00 hours
Lugar de inicio: Doors of the Metropolitan Cathedral 11:00 am. Meet: 10:30
Lugar de termino: Azul Histórico

Submerge yourself in the history of Mexican cuisine. enjoy places that give an idea of ​​the origin and evolution of Mexican cuisine through sites that are in the Historic down town. It Includes: Tacos de canasta (special tacos inside a basket) and a tasting of tapas with wine.

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  • The culinary murals of Diego Rivera in the National Palace
  • The Lord of the Cacao in the main Cathedral located at the Zocalo (the main plaza in downtown Mexico City) who allowed, with the strength and power of chocolate, the construction of this temple
  • The Mercantile Center, where the aristocracy from the times of Porfirio Diaz acquired the supplies for their meals
  •  Downtown 30, where the culinary traditions of Mexico are united with its Modernity.

Breakfast: In Xaachila, an oasis of Oaxacan flavors in downtown

Lunch:  In Azul Historico, the multi-awarded restaurant of the great chef and researcher Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.



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